Nicole Adair is an award-winning interactive storyteller, game developer, and creative consultant who collaborates with organizations, institutions, and creators to find and implement design strategies for the most powerful stories and art they want to make. She has 12+ years of experience in the creative arts, a PhD in Comparative Literature, an MFA in Creative Writing, and the passion for pushing games and interactive experiences farther than they’ve ever gone.

Nicole has consulted for companies in science and technology, gaming, SaaS, education, product management, and nonprofits, on stories and design around neuroscience, artificial intelligence, fiction, healthcare, teaching and learning, the future of work, and workplace gamification. A published author, trained music composer, and passionate university educator, she is also the founder of Mad Air Studios, a New York-based game developer and cultural innovation studio dedicated to exploring the new artistic possibilities of interactive technology, video games, virtual reality, and immersive design.

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