We use game design to create interactive and entertaining experiences around the culture, arts, research, and science generated by organizations and academics that remain otherwise inaccessible to the general public.

We’re guided be the beliefs that:

  • Technology is an access point that bridges entertainment, arts, and research.
  • Interactive technology and games are, in their own right, an artform.
  • Video games and VR have brought us, after text and image and moving picture, to the newest creative medium of artistic digital expression.

We collaborate with creators, institutes, and arts and culture organizations in New York and around the world to amplify, through interaction design, gamification, and new media, the research, ideas, art, and histories that might otherwise remain disconnected from public knowledge.

We’re driven by the practices of cultural R&D to reflect on how the works we create are innovative or experimental, what place they have in the history of arts and culture, and by which questions of critical and creative inquiry they are led.

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